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Volunteers for Gardening Scotland June 1 - 3 2018

Gardening Scotland are looking for volunteers to assist with stewarding and liaison duties at the above event which runs from Friday 1st. to Sunday 3rd. June, 2018.    Volunteers will have their travel expenses paid, be given FREE ENTRY and special parking arrangements along with snack meals and refreshments whilst on duty. If expenses are not claimed, a donation per volunteer, will be paid to our Club.  Personal invitations have been sent to those who have volunteered in recent years. The times at which volunteers are required are:- 9.00am - 1.30pm. or 12.45pm.- 5.00pm. daily.  Volunteers should intimate which tour of duty on which day / days they are available.   A pre-event meeting will be held at the showground at 7.30pm. on Wednesday 30th. May, which volunteers are obliged to attend.  Anyone interested in being a volunteer should let Billy Wheelan (538 4965 or email) know by Monday 23rd. April (date of our Club AGM).

Documents available:

Fertiliser Form
Bulbs Form
Membership Form