Newsletter 122 - April 2018Elspeth

From the Pen of our Chair...

Dear Club Members

The photo shows a common South Edinburgh scene during the massive snowfall that engulfed us at the end of February. Digging out a pathway four times on one day was perhaps a bit much but nonetheless achievable, but getting the car out was a non-starter. Neighbours with 4WDs offered to get any shopping required and the rest of us just stayed at home for a few days as most events were cancelled anyway – no opera, no Book Club, no golf, no Colinton Lit even, and no buses after 3pm. It was actually very pleasant to have the excuse to sit peacefully at home and read a book and endlessly watch the clip of the heroic Lothian bus driver Charmaine neatly swerving her double-decker round a skidding car on television.

snow clearing

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